Andrea Carcano

Co-Founder and CPO at Nozomi Networks
On the record

He started being interested in computer security as a child when he was more interested in hacking his friends’ computers than playing videogames. In the last years he has travelled and collaborated with important research groups focused on industrial security research. This is when he started working on the ideas at the core of Nozomi Networks. Nozomi Networks under Andrea guidance was able to move the HQ in the Silicon Valley and raise more 24mln in founding.

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  • While our deployment teams brought thousands of sites online, our engineers paved the way for the future with the introduction of Vantage, our cloud-based SaaS offering. Now customers can get Nozomi Networks’ industry leading security and visibility solutions via the cloud, which enables them to scale quickly while minimizing complexity and cost. Although 2020 was both challenging and extraordinary, 2021 will be even more exciting as customers use our innovations to speed the path to a modern and digitally transformed world.

    14 February 2021
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