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Co-founder, CEO at hush
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Mykolas is the Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer at Hush. Hush, renamed from PrivacyCheck, is the comprehensive digital privacy service for families who are frustrated when trying to quickly find and eliminate their own data available to fraudsters, identity thieves, harassers, fraudsters, doxxers, stalkers, impersonators, burglars, and other bad actors. Mykolas is a data and technology leader from Detroit, with a passion for great teams, new ventures, and doing the improbable. He is a passionate leader with a focus on big data, SaaS, fintech, and media. He has global business experience with track record in P&L growth, business development, operations management, information technology, complex project management, and data protection and privacy.

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  • That, frankly, shouldn’t be out there for the entire world to see. Hush, founded about a year ago, works to give individuals control of their digital footprint. And, that’s how, when they click on that email, someone gets access to their phone. Individuals also make the mistake of posting on social media before they go on vacation about their destination plans. It’s the combination of the information these days that leads to trouble. When people answer those questions, I can piece together their answers just by looking at their social media.

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