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Experienced and continuously evolving leader known for identifying gaps and opportunities, working through complex organizational and business challenges to create and implement innovative solutions for both clients and employees and ultimately leading those groups through change and implementation. I am currently responsible for the strategy and operations of Ayco's Financial Wellness business. Our Financial Wellness service focuses on financial wellness for the entire workforce - from the first day of employment through retirement - delivered through group education, one-on-one financial guidance from a coach, and a digital platform.

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  • During a pandemic or not, a big fear of many approaching retirement is whether they can afford living without a paycheck. People are now looking at what they have, what they care about and what they should be doing. People are used to thinking about what’s coming in. Now they have to make a decision about from where to get money they are not getting. Without information, there is more fear and paralysis. The first step is to find out where they stand. They may be surprised and see they are on track to retire. If not, at least they’ve taken action to determine their next steps. They can also reassess their goals for what the next 20 to 50 years will be like.

    1 May 2021
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    1 September 2020