Nancy Goodman

Founder and Executive Director at Kids V Cancer
On the record

Nancy founded Kids v Cancer when her son, Jacob, died of medulloblastoma. In 2012, Congress passed Kids v Cancer’s Creating Hope Act pediatric priority review voucher program into law as 21 USC 360ff. Over $1 billion in priority review vouchers have been traded, providing a significant incentive for pediatric rare disease drug development. In 2017, Congress passed Kids v Cancer’s RACE for Children Act, requiring companies developing cancer targeted therapies to also develop their drugs for children.

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  • President Biden—and it feels so great to say that—has already announced his continued commitment to cancer research. The announcement by the Biden administration that Broad Institute President Eric Lander would be nominated to run the Office of Science and Technology Policy, and the elevation of that office to a Cabinet position spells an increased commitment to science and specifically to cancer research.

    11 May 2021
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