Natalia Brzezinska

Marketing & Outreach Manager at PhotoAiD
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Marketing & Outreach Manager at PhotoAiD.

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  • If you don’t yet offer a yearly pre-payment option you should invest in one. It’s a great way to achieve growth in revenue since yearly pre-payment options with some form of discount are bound to attract lots of long-term customers.

    Say you offer a 30% discount on a 100 dollar/year product or service. That will give you 70 dollars for 12 months of service. It sounds like little return for your company, as that only gives you 5,80 dollars per month. But in the end, it’s still much better than only getting, say, 30 dollars for 3 months of service and then losing your customer to a competitor. So if you haven’t already, add an option for a yearly pre-payment plan with some sort of attractive discount.

    13 April 2022
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