Natalie Angelillo

Vice President, Community & Communications at OfferUp
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Proven Executive with strong leadership skills in community development, PR, branding, licensing, product development and market development. Action-oriented with deep experience at both local and international levels. Proven track record building companies and brands and creating revenue utilizing traditional, digital, and social media methods. Works well in both start-up and established corporate environments. A consummate team player committed to producing results and achieving success through innovation, hard work and the creation of internal and external partnerships.

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  • The condition, style, and construction of your rug will ultimately help determine its price. A used machine-made rug may sell for less than 50 percent of a comparable new one, but a one-of-a-kind hand-woven rug will hold its value.

    28 October 2021
  • Anytime there is seasonal demand, anytime there is a shortage, and then you layer in people's changing interests in their footprint on the environment, we see search spikes in furniture of all kinds. Anything for the outdoors is super popular and has been for a while.

    28 October 2021
  • If you think about what goes into making a brand new couch, let's say, the water and the energy and the waste, there's so many more people who really think about that in their buying decisions now. Even when they're not trying to save money, they're actually trying to improve their footprint.

    28 October 2021
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    Vice President, Community & Communications