Natalie Diaz

Founder, CEO at Twiniversity
On the record

Natalie is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer at Twiniversity, the world's largest resource for parents of twins. Natalie takes her position as a key influencer in multiple birth parenting community very seriously. She took her background in marketing, her passion for people to "not reinvent the parenting wheel", and created the world's number one global community for twins parents. Her extraordinary public speaking skills, her media-ready personality in addition to her top notch social media strategy, has launched Twiniversity's success to the big leagues and help them reach almost a million parents each week.

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  • Families need to first measure their trunk, doorway and stroller storage area to see what size might work best. If it's for daily use, where do you live? Will you be on concrete, gravel, grass, dirt path? Then narrow it down. Will you want a stroller to grow with you and your family or will you just buy another one?

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