Natalie Pennington

Communication Studies Professor & Social Media Expert at University of Nevada Las Vegas (UNLV)
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Professor Pennington (Ph.D., University of Kansas) researches and teaches at the intersection of interpersonal communication and communication technology, with a particular focus on social influence and impression management within our varied social networks online and the spillover that has for communication offline. Dr. Pennington teaches courses in Online Relationships, Communication Theory, Quantitative Methods, and Advanced Relational Topics. Her work has been published in journals including New Media & Society, Social Media + Society, Computers in Human Behavior, and the Journal of Broadcasting & Electronic Media.

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  • It’s really fascinating. It’s this moment that we get into where we really think about who we are and what we’re doing. When faced with those questions, it causes you to reflect.

    11 March 2021
  • Age, relationship status, and living situation were the three big factors that shifted how people were impacted by tech.

    11 March 2021
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