Nathaniel Gurien

Founder and CEO at Fincann
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I know what it's like to be a rebel industry pioneer entrepreneur. It's been a central part of my character for the last 50 years. I've operated many small to medium size innovative & disruptive companies. I've had decades of experience with sales, vertical integration, marketing, HR, negotiation, advertising, campaigning, e-commerce, warehousing, international & domestic trade as well as with attorneys, accountants, bankers, designers, politicians, financiers, investors, government officials, lenders, activists, merchants, builders, etc.

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  • We immediately reviewed remaining available options and within 24 hours had viable USA-based excellent alternatives available. Since Elavon is not terminating their existing portfolio of CBD merchants until May 15, some merchants opted to immediately apply to one of our alternatives, others decided to wait and see until at least mid-April.

    10 February 2021
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