Neal Dikeman

Co-founder and partner at Energy Transition Ventures
On the record

Founder and managing partner of Energy Transition Ventures early stage venture capital fund.

Founder and managing partner of Old Growth Ventures, family office and general partner of Historic Preservation Fund I, LP.

Led the Libertarian ticket in 2018 - challenged Ted Cruz (R) and Beto O'Rourke (D) for US Senate from Texas in the largest race nationally for a 3rd Party candidate in 2018.

Chairman of network.

Have held CEO, CFO, Chairman, VP, Board director positions from startups to publicly-traded companies.
- Founder and executive at 7+ startups that have gone on to raise >$500 mm, numerous exits.
- Venture capital and private equity background at Energy Transition Ventures, Shell, Old Growth Ventures, Jane Capital, et al.
- Successfully launched and grown companies inside of multi-nationals and as venture backed startups from scratch and as spinouts.