Nicole Banks

Founder and CEO at Pretty Pieces, LLC
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Nicole Banks is the girl boss at Shop Pretty Pieces. As a third-generation fashionista and seamstress, fashion was always innate for her. Currently, Nicole cultivates powerful statement pieces that allow women to define their own personal look. She encourages women to love what they wear and forget the rules!

Nicole’s corporate background in IT, marketing, and design allows her to stay up-to-date with managerial matters and track the latest trends. She previously worked in IT and management for corporate insurance. There she was able to develop a keen understanding of customer support through web and mobile technologies. Pretty Pieces was born out of a need she had for a creative outlet during a tough time. Nicole is an ovarian cancer survivor and at the time was dealing with the diagnosis of an abdominal obstruction. Determined to turn her setbacks into success, she used her testimony as a springboard to launch her fashion empire. She knew that her journey in fashion wasn’t going to be given so she paved her way by launching Pretty Pieces. Hoping to be an example and encourage women to open their own businesses, she now continues to build her tribe of supportive, bright women. Nicole’s transparency and resilience are an equal match to her style, beauty, and intellect. Pretty Pieces is her dream realized but empowering and motivating women is her life’s work.

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