Nicole Villegas, MSOT, OTD, OTR/L

Founder & Educator at Sensory Conscious Institute and 5 other companies
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Dr. Nicole Villegas, OTD (they/she) is an occupational therapist, somatic trauma practitioner, educator, and social entrepreneur. She's an advocate for sensory awareness and the habits, routines, and rituals that make up our lives.

She founded the Sensory Conscious® Institute, providing coaching and educational services that help improve communication, creativity and connection. Putting the teachings into practice, Nicole spoke on the TEDx stage in a talk titled "Why there's more to unconscious bias than you think."

Dr. Villegas teaches at Boston University, consults with workplace teams of all sizes, and is published in clinical textbooks on mental health and lifestyle. Nicole has been featured in BBC’s Worklife, Reader’s Digest, HuffPost, Apartment Therapy, and VeryWell Health, among others.

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  • "Time poverty creates barriers for people who want to explore their interests outside of obligatory responsibilities like work or family care." BBC

  • “The practice of re-designing, problem-solving, and completing the concrete task can kickstart your creativity if you are feeling stuck in other areas of your life,” they also noted.

  • “Awareness of impermanence can help balance our mental wellness and challenge rumination and either/or thinking,” they explained. “Noticing the possibility of change can help with feelings of helplessness… furniture can be moved, the seasons come and go, your design style evolves, and it’s possible to move with the waves of it.”

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