Nicolle Merrill

Founder | Principal Trainer at Boring AI
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Four-time (and counting) career changer Nicolle Merrill excels in professional reinvention. A liberal arts graduate, she has written for Four Seasons and National Geographic private jet tours, taught digital communication skills to global executives, and sold adventure travel programs in New Zealand. As the former Associate Director of the Career Development office at Yale School of Management, she coached hundreds of MBA students and professionals through all phases of their career transitions.

Nicolle’s book, Punch Doubt in the Face: How to Upskill, Change Careers, and Beat the Robots, upgrades career advice for the future of work. In the book, she translates the headlines about robots taking jobs into a guide to help career changers navigate the new world of work.

Nicolle’s human-centered approach to career changes, combined with a relentless curiosity about emerging career trends, has led to speaking engagements across the US, as well as in Canada and Ireland.

Nicolle runs Boring AI, a training company that teaches nontechnical managers how to understand AI in the workplace.

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  • "It’s not that we’re going to go to work one day and have a robot sitting next to us, asking how our weekend was...Look at artificial intelligence and instead of going, “Oh my God, that’s scary”, flip that and say, “Okay, I need to learn more about this”, and really dive in to figure out: What are the products? How are they being used?" How Artificial Intelligence Affects Your Job Search, with Nicolle Merrill. Mac's List Podcast:

    6 December 2021
  • "If you've asked your manager about layoffs and they can't give you a definite no, layoffs are being considered," says Nicolle Merrill, the founder of Future Skills, a training company based in Portland, Oregon, that helps people learn new skills and adapt to an ever-changing workplace. - US News

    6 December 2021
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    6 December 2021
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