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Founder and CEO at TEDU
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Nicolo has a background in finance and economics with a focus on corporate strategy. He first started the concept of TEDU in 2016 while attending the University of Miami. TEDU is an education technology company with an enterprise platform built to integrate and partner with universities and other educational institutions worldwide to provide them and their students a suite of out-of-classroom academic resource utilities. TEDU's technology offering is a hybrid B2B, B2C, and C2C platform that improves students' access to their university out-of-classroom academic resource offerings while also providing universities in-depth data analytics to fine-tune their business and reduce their program facilitation costs.

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  • Learning loss stemming from COVID has been a major pain point for both administrators and students. We developed our software as a response to these frustrations and put forward a solution that mitigates challenges and offers administrators and students a cost-saving, efficient solution. By becoming the ICSI's exclusive SI program management software, we are able to bring our solution to as many universities as possible around the globe.

    8 November 2021
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    8 November 2021
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