Niels Thorlaksson

Director of Horticulture at Lettuce Grow at Lettuce Grow
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With over a decade of experience in plant cultivation and farming, Niels Thorlaksson is the Director of Horticulture at Lettuce Grow. After a BS in Business Administration and a stint employed in financial services, Niels succumbed to his true calling—a horticulture career. Seeing a need for fresh, organic produce, regardless of space and time, he began urban farming in his Santa Barbara community. Starting with a small greenhouse in his mom and dad’s backyard, he served as a boutique farm providing high quality produce directly to local restaurants. Niels then set on a path to empower others to grow their own produce by offering seedlings and support to other growers.

After a fortuitous meeting with Lettuce Grow Co-Founder Jacob Pechenik, he set his sights on working alongside Jacob, and became one of Lettuce Grow’s first employees in 2017. He continues to be a passionate advocate for the Farmstand.

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