Nigel Duffy

Global Artificial Intelligence Leader at EY
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Nigel is a technologist and entrepreneur serving as EY Global Artificial Intelligence (AI) Leader in Global Innovation. In this role, he is responsible for the application of AI throughout EY. As leader of the EY AI Lab, he is responsible for projects driving strategic transformation of how we operate, compete and provide services. He is also strengthening relationships with start-ups and academic communities worldwide. Before joining EY, he was a founder and executive in deep technology start-ups which use AI to run hedge funds, design pharmaceuticals, control computer games and improve online retail. Nigel has built research organizations and revolutionary products in a variety of fields. He is a highly cited author with papers in machine learning, linguistics, biology, economics, chemistry and computer science.

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  • AI could be used to target messages and communications to those eligible to receive a vaccine. These messages could be customized by AI in content, form, and medium to motivate citizens to take the vaccine by highlighting the personal benefits to them (e.g., depending on their profession, vulnerability, etc.) and by countering any misconceptions about the risks associated with the vaccine (e.g., certain audiences might be persuaded by science, others by role models from their community). These messages could also be customized to best inform citizens about how they can access the vaccine, e.g., register via phone call, website, or text.

    16 October 2021
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