Nikki Goldman

Founder & Coach at I/O Coaching
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Nikki is the Founder of I/O Coaching and her passion is guiding people to become the best that they can be. She customizes and creates programs for leaders to help them reach their peak performance. As the creator of the Input/Output Method, Nikki believes that people can only work on 2-3 challenges at a time in order to see meaningful change. Nikki becomes a thought partner to her clients to help them achieve their goals, forward their thinking, and evolve their leadership.

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  • Growing up in startups, whenever you questioned employee turnover, the line "this % employee churn is normal at companies our size" was the standard answer. Those churn numbers were HIGH! I constantly questioned it. How was it that we spent so much time and money recruiting candidates that we were so excited about, but six to 12 months later, voluntarily or involuntarily, they were leaving the company? What a waste!

    30 July 2021