Nima Patel

Founder & CEO at Mindful Champs
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Nima Patel is a mindfulness expert, certified conscious parenting coach and the founder of Mindful Champs, a business committed to enhancing children's wellbeing. Meanwhile, Nima is a former primary school teacher and nursery manager.

When working within the education system Nima noticed that mindfulness was not being taught as part of the school curriculum; as a passionate advocate for the benefits of mindfulness with regards to children's mental health (she believes this is a critical part of their emotional development), this was a huge concern for her. This, and the sudden loss of her father, inspired Nima to create her 'Mindful Me' journal, which helps childen to develop emotional intelligence, self-awareness and confidence at a crucial time in their development.

Nima has also recently launched Mindful Champs' 'My Grief Journal'; written and designed specifically for children, this journal helps children to understand what grief is and comfort them after losing a loved one. It's filled with touching and inspiring prompts and children are gently encouraged to explore their emotions, say things that were left unsaid and be grateful for the memories they're left with.

As a parenting and mindfulness expert, Nima would be happy to comment on any topics relating to parenting, relationships, mindfulness, grief, mental health, children's wellbeing, education, entrepreneurship, product design and self-confidence/self-esteem.

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