Noora Mousa

Registered Dietician & VP of Product Development at TruLyfe
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As a registered dietitian, Noora has a deep appreciation and understanding of the benefits and value supplements bring to improving our overall health and wellness. She's on a mission at TruLyfe to create unique, natural, premium-quality, and tasty supplements to help everyone feel their best too.

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  • I’m very excited to be a part of the TruLyfe Genie in a Bottle AR experience as their first dietitian AR-backed human hologram! Product information is delivered to customers in an uncomplicated and transparent way, ultimately leading them to make the healthiest and most informed decisions that may otherwise be complicated when browsing a jam-packed aisle in a store.

    27 May 2021
  • As a registered dietitian and a clinical nutrition expert, I'm very proud and excited to launch our plant-powered immunity supplements and interact with our customers as the first Genie in the Bottle hologram! Our goal is to capture nature's special ingredients into quality supplements to help our consumers conquer their health and live their best lives.

    27 May 2021
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    Registered Dietician & VP of Product Development