Obed Louissaint

Senior Vice President, Transformation and Culture at IBM
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Obed is the Senior Vice President of Transformation and Culture at IBM. His top priority is to reinvent people systems and culture to stimulate innovation in key areas of information technology. Obed is enabling great people to deliver at their best will bring those innovations into the marketplace quickly, ensure IBM clients succeed, and identify new areas for growth. He has experience in multiple HR and operational specialties, business units as well as geographies from developed to emerging markets. A few former experiences include leadership development and competencies models, global site selection, HR generalist, and talent management and delivery.

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  • It’s important to create a thriving culture of co-creation today. For workers to unleash their ingenuity, they need to have the right environment. Organizations should also be transparent with their employees and sharing data and the process of decision-making is super critical. This helps in increased employee engagement, stronger company culture, and more importantly, it helps build a sense of belonging for all employees.

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    Senior Vice President, Transformation and Culture