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Industry Culinary Consultant & Trends Expert at Pam Smith Nutrition
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Pam Smith is an internationally known Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, foodservice industry culinary consultant, TV and radio host, best-selling author, sought-after speaker, spice and flavor coach, brand ambassador, sustainable aquaculture advisor, and the creator of The S.M.A.R.T. Weigh® Strategy through which thousands of people have won back their health and energy.

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  • ​I consider the word ‘diet’ the original four-letter word. It’s one letter away from ‘die,’ and that’s what people feel like when they’re on a diet. Eating well isn’t about rigidly dieting nor mindlessly grazing through the day. It’s a strategy of eating food that has always been our primary source of nutrition. It’s all about eating well for life, to have days that are energized and to have a mind that’s clicking and working for you.

    30 July 2021
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    30 July 2021
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