Pär-Olof Johannesson

CEO at TerraNet AB and 1 other company
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Pär-Olof is a tech executive and serial entrepreneur. His main focus are on automotive, connectivity, mobile phone, design-to-manufacturing, and power transmission industries. He also has experience from a number of startups as well as large scale go-to-market campaigns for global OEMs. He led Terranet's IPO to Nasdaq in 2017.

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  • Scandinavia has a rich history in bringing world-changing safety measures to the automotive industry, and Terranet is continuing down that road with our VoxelFlow technology. Roadway-related incidents are the eighth leading cause of death globally. We are not going to cut down that harrowing statistic by using existing laser technology suited for long-range use and hoping we can ‘make it work’ on the average vehicle. If the driving automation industry wants to start taking safety seriously, we need to start embracing 3D vision and technology designed specifically with roadway vehicles in mind.

    23 March 2021