Parima Ijaz

Founder, CEO at Pure Parima
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Parima Ijaz is the founder of Pure Parima. While she was completing her Political Science degree at Rutgers University, the news that major retailers were being sued for fraudulently mislabeling products as 100% Egyptian cotton when they carried 25% or less broke out. At 24-years-old, Parima decided to use her upbringing in the textile industry to create a company that would be authentic to their consumers. She built Pure Parima to ensure people could receive accessible luxury, authenticity, and softness. She honors her middle eastern heritage through her color choices and collection names and honors her father, whose 30 years of experience in this industry has guided and inspired her, leaving a legacy they both can feel proud of.

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  • High-quality bedding does not require artificial or chemical finishes to be soft, sheets made with quality cotton should feel naturally soft right out the box! No extra laundering, chemical treatments, or added softeners are needed. Look for bedding with an Oeko-Tex certification, which means the product has been certified free of non-harmful chemicals or substances. A thicker feel does not mean better when it comes to high-quality bedding. The rarest and most exceptional cotton in the world is Egyptian cotton and its fiber content is naturally thinner resulting in a finer, more breathable, and softer fabric. Man-made fabrics such as Bamboo Rayon, Microfiber and Tencell can be enticing due to its lower price tag but only natural fabrics such as cotton or linen can provide all-night temperature regulating cool, comfort.

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