Pati Recarte Iguaz

Founder/CEO at KADO
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CEO & Founder of KADO Networks. KADO gives legal, real estate and wealth management rainmakers an edge over their competitors by permitting them to curate personalized, semi-private information about their long term clients and prospects separate from - but connected to - their corporate CRM. KADO turbocharges what is really important in building this long term relationships with easily exchangeable digital business cards and by centralizing all client data in one simple app. From digital contacts, notes, emails, meetings and deals, to even information from public sources like LinkedIn, news and other databases, all at the tip of their fingers.

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  • My career has spanned over heavily male-dominated jobs, from investment banking to tech startups and now my own SaaS business. Most VCs backing female founders still focus on femtech, health, beauty, or consumer. Evolving in such big-ego environments has meant one thing to me: it’s not enough to work hard to stand out—it requires working three times harder than any other man to get to the top.

    12 December 2021
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