Patricia Gannon

Partner in Immigration & Naturalization Practice at Greenspoon Marder
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Patricia L. Gannon is a partner in Greenspoon Marder’s Immigration and Naturalization practice group and serves on Management Committee at Greenspoon Marder. Ms. Gannon focuses her practice on business immigration. She advises multi-nationals on employment verification matters and develops various compliance strategies and programs. Ms. Gannon, as a member of the Foreign American Counsel, concentrates her international practice on global immigration and provides outbound assistance to foreign companies.

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  • Wages are going up, and employers need to know this. For some of my clients, paying the higher wage is not a big deal. But others will balk. By increasing the required wages, the new rules will harm startup companies and smaller firms who may not be able to meet the increased wage requirements, as well as foreign students and other entry-level workers looking for employment.

    22 June 2021
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    22 June 2021
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