Paul Akinmade

Chief Marketing Officer at CMG Financial
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  • You’ve got somebody who’s really trying to become a homeowner in a low income area, but it’s likely their [personal] network is in a low income area, too. So how do you reach that person? What other mechanisms out there exist that through creative engineering we could apply to this space and help a lot of people? That’s how we came up with the shopping component. Every demographic shops.

  • If you have a kid, you essentially could set them up with a home savings account. By the time they’re done with school and are ready to lay down roots, they’ll have those funds readily available to become a homeowner.

  • CMG’s crowdfunding platform allows users to set the amount they want to raise, where family, friends, and total strangers can contribute without transaction fees. 100% of the money raised goes to the users.

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