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Strategic Real Estate Financing Consultant at Real Estate Bees and 1 other company
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Paul Lamnatos is Chief Lending Concierge/Managing Member at Blink Lending. Known to many as “Paul the Greek,” the fourth-generation Real Estate Investor is a renegade in his field.

With commercial and residential properties both domestic and abroad, Paul truly understands the ins and outs of real estate investing.

In 2003, Paul became a Licensed Residential Mortgage Loan Officer. After 15 years of corporate lending and more than $250,000,000 in loan originations, he decided it was time to open a lending company driven by one simple yet refreshing principle: to provide full service mortgage lending by the investor for the investor.

With this founding doctrine and first-hand experience in mind, his company offers both short-term private money loans, and long-term traditional and non-traditional financing to service the seasoned pros, the eager beginners and everyone in between.

He is a leader and a doer, and knows firsthand how overwhelming the investing process can be.

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