Peter Riley

Director of Veterans Services at Pace University
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  • the key is translate. I always tell them. No jargon, even within the different services. The Army has their own jargon, the Marine Corps has their own jargon. [Say] ‘I was a medic,’ not ‘I was a 68 series.’ Nobody else knows that — translate it into civilian language. We work on their elevator pitch. In the military, you’re taught to be humble, to a degree. Capitalize on the unique experience that you had in the military — it’s not bragging to say what you did. You absolutely want to put it down there and be comfortable about talking about the things that you’ve done. We want our students to succeed with laser-focused assistance.

    To support them so they have the skills, knowledge and confidence to succeed in the civilian world and their personal life again.

    4 April 2020
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