Pier Luigi Sigismondi

President at Dole Packaged Foods
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Pier's role, as President of Dole Worldwide Packaged Foods, is to lead a profound transformation at Dole, a 169 year-old-brand that has always believed that everyone has the right to good nutrition. He is inspired by leaving a better world for future generations, with a vision to make it an iconic Nutrition and Wellness company driven by purpose, around the world. For more than 20 years, Pier has worked at the intersection of purpose-led brands and value creation for the business, its partners and extended communities.

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  • My perhaps naïve ambition is to prove that Dole can be much more financially successful than many other companies with a very strong sense of purpose, by talking to directly to consumers and telling them where we are and how much we need them to join us so we can drive systemic change.

    14 April 2021
  • The growing problem of food inequality, which existed before the pandemic, has now reached crisis proportions and needs a collective effort to address. Dole’s commitment to increase access to sustainable nutrition will play a role, along with its effort to eliminate food waste. Our promise is not just about improving our world today. We have a responsibility to future generations to work towards a more equitable and sustainable future. So we have 6 areas that we focus on together cover of people, planet and prosperity.

    14 April 2021
  • We realized well before COVID that we needed to open up as a business, to bring the best of the outside in. We are not ‘giving away money to causes. We are investing in impactful pilots and partnerships based on identified focus areas of our problem statement.

    14 April 2021