Piero Núñez Del Risco

Founder and CEO at PANA and 1 other company
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Piero Núñez Del Risco is the co-founder and CEO of PANA, a bilingual fin-tech solution for underserved and unhappily served Hispanic/Latino communities living in the United States. The former head of digital banking at Scotia banking is launching a virtual bank that eliminates financial barriers to send funds to loved ones throughout the world. In addition to financial solutions, PANA will offer virtual communities to allow users to create goals and accountability partners. PANA has been accepted into the VISA FinTech Fast Track Program and YCombinator.

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  • “Among the Hispanic community, banking is a group thing — it is experienced through a communal approach to expenses and family sharing,” said Pana’s CEO & co-founder Piero Núñez-del Risco. “That’s why we are building an easy to open digital bank account through which users with shared needs can connect and perform basic banking transactions currently outside their reach.”

    1 April 2022
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    18 May 2022
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    16 June 2022
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    16 June 2022
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