Plinio Ayala

President and CEO at Per Scholas
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Plinio Ayala has more than 20 years of nonprofit management experience and is deeply committed to the fight against poverty. He became President and CEO of Per Scholas in November 2003 after serving as Vice President of Operations for five years. Today, he leads the organization in its national expansion, with oversight of the bulk of its programs.

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  • We've seen that IT and cybersecurity jobs across all industries have become the most mission critical in keeping systems up and humming during the recent migration to remote work, but millions lack access to the educational opportunities to take advantage of these career opportunities. By working with Goodwill NYNJ, we're able to expand access to our training programs to reach more individuals, which ultimately have had a lasting economic impact on entire communities by providing a connection to career opportunities in the tech sector.

    15 September 2021
  • We have made a commitment to Pittsburgh. Just to give you a bit more context, we received a very large grant at the end of last year to invest in 10 cities across the country. It was clear to us that the first investment had to be Pittsburgh because the jobs were there, the need for local talent and training development was there.

    15 September 2021
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