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Polly is a direct-to-consumer marketing executive and strategist with more than 20 years of experience working at and with the best direct to consumer brands in the industry, across apparel, home, food/gift, and the children's market. Her experience includes business strategy across retail, e-commerce, and print channels. Today, as Managing Partner at the leading direct marketing firm in the country, Polly is fortunate to have insight into Belardi Wong’s more than 300 DTC brand clients. Her focus is on emerging best practices and trends across channels and categories, with an emphasis on leveraging data and technology to push retail forward.

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  • They’re building DTC in the U.S. for the same reason wholesale brands are [now] building DTC in the U.S. People are starting to realize the power of the customer relationship. If your customer buys your product in Amazon, you never really build a relationship with them — and having a marketing customer database is a tremendous asset to a company. When you can continue to re-market directly to that consumer, you drive up their lifetime value and you drive up the profit of the company.

    11 May 2021
  • My business partner and I would sit in airport bars for years and talk about how to future-proof our business [as] everything’s moving to digital. We have now launched over 200 D2C brands into the mail over the past five years. Everybody wants to be in the mail.

    11 May 2021
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