Priya Shah

Co-Founder at Köppen Ayurveda
On the record

Priya Shah is an Ayurvedic health guru, meditator, and co-founder of Köppen Ayurveda, a leading lifestyle essentials brand inspired by Ayurveda. Originally from Los Angeles, CA and currently residing in Oslo, Norway, Priya has spent over a decade running sales teams at Fortune 500 companies and unicorn start-ups helping them scale and enter new markets.

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  • To manage this stress, I found myself adopting age-old practices from India that I grew up watching my mother incorporate into her daily routine — practices like Yoga, Pranayama, and Meditation. As I started seeing the shift these practices had in my overall health and well-being, I started to spend more of my free time learning about holistic health and soon my thoughts were occupied by wanting to explore that world a bit more.

    13 July 2021