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CEO and Co-Founder at TalentMarketplace
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Qaid Jivan is the CEO and CoFounder at TalentMarketplace. They help IT leaders do more of what they love - deliver great projects for their clients with great people. They do this by replacing their side-of-the-desk recruitment activities (writing job descriptions, reviewing resumes, interviewing people who aren't a fit, etc.) with an digital solution. Previous to TalentMarketplace, Qaid was setting up large IT Project Management Offices as a Sr. Project Analyst. He is involved in the project management community in BC, having served two years on the board of directors for the Project Management Institute for the Canadian West Coast.

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  • That means that people are coming from the traditional economies of Calgary. Or they're transitioning into (a mindset of), 'how can tech help these economies?' It's just huge. It has been absolutely bonkers. There are people who are getting multiple offers who normally wouldn't be getting one. We are going to be tapping very heavily into the local economy for those developers. This is perfect time for us. There's very fertile soil for us to grow.

    27 August 2021
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