Quia Querisma

Hairstylist at Quia Querisma Beauty, LLC and 1 other company
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For seven years Quia gave visitors the inside scoop on Dallas shopping and culture at Where Traveler and served as the Managing Editor of SoulTrain.com from its launch in 2009 until 2011. Since then, Quia has been a contributing writer for a number of publications including Forbes Travel Guide, Huffpost, Dallas Observer, The Culture Trip, Oyster.com, AT&T the Bridge, and Ebony.com.

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  • I'll tell you what one of my favorite instructors told me: never stop learning. Take every opportunity you can to learn from proven experts in the field. Don't just learn techniques; learn about business and wellness to ensure you have a long, lucrative career as a hairstylist.

    14 March 2022
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    14 March 2022