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Quod Financial is a global multi-asset OMS/EMS trading technology provider, focused on automation and innovation, which specializes in software and services such as algorithmic trading, smart order routing, and internalisation of liquidity. The company leverages the use of its data driven architecture to continually fuel AI/ML enhanced trading automation for liquidity venues, exchanges, retail brokers, buy side and sell side institutions.

The Quod Financial suite of products targets institutional traders in the Sell-Side such as Tier 1/2/3 Banks, Brokers, Agency Brokers and Exchanges. In the Buy-Side the product is primarily used by systematic funds and hedge funds.

Quod’s technology revolves around using a micro services delivery surrounding a multicast middleware layer with certified in-memory caching of messages in a low latency scalable platform. Hosted in financial data centres globally, Quod Financial offers a multi-region, multi-desk, and multi-asset solution.

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