Rachel (Honeth) Kim

Vice President of Corporate Communications and Employee Experience at Wonolo
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Rachel is the Vice President at Wonolo with over a decade of marketing and communications experience. She has led marketing organizations both large and small with varied experiences across consumer technology and B2B startups. Rachel is an expert in building brand awareness and developing holistic digital experiences to increase brand engagement.

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  • As labor shortages continue, workers have more power than ever. We are seeing a seismic shift in what workers are looking for when it comes to selecting job opportunities. Workers are opting for flexible work that offers them a chance to further develop portable skills and get access to living wage jobs at a variety of job sites. I'm excited to have new mission-driven investors joining us to help raise the bar for workers everywhere. Wonolo's next phase of growth will drive this evolution to bring more flexibility, fair chances and fulfilling jobs to all workers.

    5 January 2022
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    Vice President of Corporate Communications and Employee Experience