Rachel Lang

Astrologer, Speaker, Writer, and Healer at RCL Consulting, LLC
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As an astrologer, psychic medium, and spiritual teacher, I work with individuals and businesses. I'm the author of "Modern Day Magic: 8 Simple Rules to Realize Your Power and Shape Your Life," a book about working with your supernatural power. An internationally recognized speaker, my workshops, classes, retreats, and meditation groups connect a diverse group of like-minded individuals. I love helping to build communities that foster spiritual growth and expansion. I write horoscopes for the Omega Institute's monthly newsletter, Conscious Living, and LVBX. I'm also a regular contributor to Well+Good, Bustle, Elite Daily, and more. Dedicated to social justice, I earned my MA in Theology from Loyola Marymount University with an emphasis on ethics and feminist theology.

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  • Sun signs are big indicators of our personality, so they show some of our preferences and how we express ourselves in the world. Our sun sign also gives us clues about what fires us up, which is helpful to know so we can avoid having heated discussions with people we're meeting for the first or second time.

    4 December 2021
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