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  • Rachel Morgan-Trimmer, 45, from Manchester is a neurodiversity coach. She’s found working from home immensely beneficial. As we come out of lockdown, will flexible working practices stick around?

    ‘As an autistic with ADHD, my environment is crucial,’ Rachel tells us. ‘I can set things up the way I want such as a desk in front of a window or music to help me concentrate. I can also work the hours that suit me and change my tasks according to what my focus is like because stress makes my conditions worse.

    ‘Being able to work early in the morning and in the evenings when it’s quieter has really helped as it also means I can work around the needs of my two young children. ‘Overall, I’ve found working from home has been really beneficial and I’m more productive. ‘There are countless advantages to working from home – especially neurodiverse people like me. We can work more flexibly which increases productivity and we don’t waste time commuting.

    ‘For many of us, working from home reduces stress as we don’t have to ‘mask’ our behaviours as we would in the office – this can be mentally and physically draining.’

    Read more: https://metro.co.uk/2020/08/25/pandemic-has-proved-workplaces-can-allow-flexible-working-disabled-people-why-arent-13175077/?ito=cbshare

    2 September 2020
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