Rachel Rodgers

Clinical Animal Behaviourist at Nose To Trail
On the record

Rachel Rodgers is an experienced dog trainer and behaviourist based on the Shropshire, Cheshire border in the UK. Having worked with a range of species, from dolphins to dogs, Rachel went on to be a manager for the RSPCA and Dogs Trust Dog School.

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  • These TikTok trends that normalise stressed pet body language as being "funny" really worry me - if we normalise this body language as being amusing, I suspect we will have a further increase in dog bites in the months, years, decade to come as people are ignoring the dogs' ways of communicating with us and saying 'I'm uncomfortable! Please stop'

    28 July 2021
  • When dogs don't have an appropriate outlet for this innate desire, it can lead to 'problem' behaviours that can cause damage in the home. For some dogs, this may be digging which can manifest as ripping up soft furnishings like pillows, quilts and mattresses.

    28 July 2021
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