Ragnar Sigurdsson

CISSP, Head of Research and Development, Cofounder at AwareGO
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AwareGO’s security awareness training videos are based on years of experience from CEO Ragnar Sigurðsson, CISSP, CEH, a penetration tester and ethical hacker, and Helga Björg Steinthorsdottir, an experienced HR specialist, who founded the company together. Ragnar experienced first hand the challenges organizations faced when training employees on proper security measures. He saw employees doze off and completely lose interest during security awareness training lectures. This lead to Ragnar and Helga joining forces to find a better way to bring the security awareness message to the masses, knowing that there had to be a better way to make workplaces safer.

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  • We’re dedicated to delivering effective and proven cyber security awareness for safer workplaces and to building a strong security culture that empowers employees worldwide to become the first line of defense in this highly digitalized brave new world. While unusual for us all, 2020 was a very exciting year in so many ways. We doubled the number of employees, adding some exceptional talent and experts to our team and launched exciting new products and content.

    22 October 2021
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