Rajkumari Neogy

Regional Leadership Team at Women In Technology International and 4 other companies
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I am an AwesomeSauce Alchemist. What does that mean? I notice stuff. Then I bring it to your attention. And together we shift it…permanently. My passion is finding the intersections of interpersonal neurobiology (IPNB), technology, culture and empathic language for business. My expertise is in epigenetic coaching, intelligent bias and the neurobiology of team culture. Fun for me is discussing business ideas, strategy and tactical implementation. I feel alive when I am speaking, facilitating, mentoring, engaging, connecting and listening.

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  • Where you're working to produce something, not just to spend these hours at a place. The next wave of how we build things needs to be about human capital.

    15 November 2020
  • The ways in which we heal from trauma involves creating a deeper mind-body connection by addressing the internal and unresolved trauma. We need space, time, patience and support to begin healing from trauma. We need others to understand, listen, be empathic, concerned, and caring. Healing from trauma takes time and requires attention, diligence and commitment.

    22 July 2020
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