Randi Owsley

Chief Executive Officer at Amazing Stealz Inc.
On the record

As a Therapist , the founder Randi Owsley believes in teaching people about spending money well- Think; am I going to be intentional today? From there you can dictate whether the item you choose to bring into your home aligns with your lifestyle and finances.

Thinking about money in terms of savings can feel burdensome to come people. But, thinking about money in terms of future goals (whether that be investing, buying a home, or going on a vacation, etc) can help you understand the importance of saving and spending wisely.

Now saving money is no longer something you “must do”- it's something you want to do when you see the benefits. When you're able to use coupons, promo codes and sales, these help you reach your goals faster, and instead of feeling like a burden it feels freeing.

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  • Once you connect, the next step is key: you’ll want to use say that my “guarantee delivery time has been missed by several days”.

    Sometimes they give $5, sometimes they give you $10, or $20 depending on the amount of products and the amount of time it's been delayed.

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