Ranjan Kumar

CEO at Entropik
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Ranjan is an AI enthusiast, a Neuro Science lover and a Sales Hustler who is Passionate about the process of creation. Its intriguing for him to see how interaction works and how the colorful world of emotion crafts what we call as experiences, both the good and the bad. Researching in the space of Emotion Tech and Cognitive Science, he aspire for a world which is not just Artificially intelligent but emotionally perceptive.

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  • Keeping the current times in mind, retailers across the globe are preparing for the post-pandemic environment and redesigning stores to meet safety standards. As a brand, in-store is one of the key channels for any retail business.

    20 July 2021
  • 95 percent of consumer behaviour is subconscious – of which a large part is driven by emotion – that contributes significantly to the overall action of the consumer. So, essentially brands and businesses need to decode consumer emotion to create humanised experiences across various touchpoints, be it while creating advertisements, retail or even the package experiences.

    20 July 2021
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