Raoul Milhado

CEO & Founder at Elitium and 1 other company
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Raoul's life revolves around finding inefficiencies and building something to fix them by using technology. It’s what excites him. It’s the driving force behind much of his experience.

It’s a fixation that’s led him to where he is today.

At 13, he built my first website. At 19, he started my first digital marketing company. At 23, he exited my first venture, but he preserved the build-it attitude and continue to run three growing companies, all-the-while traveling the world in search of his next inspiration.

Today, his main focus is on revolutionizing the financial sector through the company Elitium: a next-gen wealth management app, helping clients discover a life of independence, value, and growth. Elitium’s proposition is ‘Create Value’ using four pillars: hold, spend, invest, and trade. The team’s ultimate ambition is to create a decentralized Digital Economy that enables every client to enjoy a luxury lifestyle.

Raoul’s Success to-date:

- Led and sold online marketing company with a 100+ client portfolio
- Developed 3 mobile apps, resulting in the founding of Appromoters (the first app marketing agency in Europe)
- Developed an in-house advertising platform with 30+ employees in offices in Amsterdam, Tel Aviv and Los Angeles
- Invested and became Managing Partner at Boatsters where I introduced innovative strategies such as a payments solution that could accept 60 cryptocurrencies for Boatsters Black
- Set up Lengers Yachts Spain in collaboration with Nick Gelevert Lengers, focused on selling super yachts e.g. Italian brands like Sanlorenzo
- Founded Elitium following the success of the crypto-payments solution, recognizing that crypto, blockchain & smart contracts could improve the world of luxury & finance

He's also focused on self-improvement in both professional and personal life. During this journey of self-education, he was in the position to meet with world famous coaches and spiritual leaders. He believes integrating the powers we have within ourselves with Artificial Intelligence (AI), is going to make us Super Humans.

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