Rebecca Awram

Mortgage Advisor at Seniors Lending Centre
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Rebecca is an experienced business professional with a demonstrated history of working in the financial services industry. She knows how to effectively communicate complex financial information and manage outcomes. Rebecca has strong skills in construction loans, debt consolidation, real property, interest rates, and mortgage underwriting.

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  • Moving to a senior community for the first time is a big decision, with many financial factors to consider. One of the advantages of this type of move is that your monthly price will cover most of your necessities without worrying about hidden costs or unexpected things that could come up. You will no longer have to worry about pesky bills such as property taxes, maintenance fees and internet bills. Another great thing about living in an independent living community is that most of your amenities will be taken care of, and you will live in close proximity to all of them. You will likely no longer need a vehicle, as you can quickly walk to get to your food, activities and entertainment. Worry-free living is incredibly valuable.