Renaud Laplanche

CEO and Co-Founder at Upgrade
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In his capacity as Upgrade’s CEO, Renaud Laplanche presides over the company’s business strategy and oversees its execution. Prior to co-founding Upgrade, Renaud co-founded and was the CEO of Lending Club for 10 years, taking the company public and reaching a market capitalization of over $10 billion. At Lending Club, Renaud pioneered consumer fintech and grew the company to become the largest provider of personal loans in America. In recent years Renaud received multiple awards and nominations: among other distinctions, Renaud was recognized on Bloomberg Markets’ Most Influential List, an annual ranking of the World’s top 50 most influential leaders across technology, finance, and politics. Renaud broke 3-speed sailing world records and is a frequent guest lecturer at Columbia Business School.

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  • "Because Upgrade's card balances accrue a fixed interest rate, customers are better protected against rising rates than average [card] customers"

  • If you only make the minimum payment on a credit card, it’s going to take you 25 years to pay it off. Credit cards don’t encourage that responsible behavior of paying down your balance every month. The personal loan does.

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