Reuven Shnaps, PhD

Chief Analytics Officer at Earnix
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As the company’s Chief Analytics Officer, Reuven Shnaps leads the Earnix Analytics organization. In his role Reuven oversees Earnix product roadmap management and directs the company’s analytics strategy, as well as research and delivery for Earnix customers worldwide. Reuven has spent more than 20 years developing and analyzing advanced statistical and economic models. Over his 10+ years at Earnix, he has gained extensive experience in crafting analytical solutions, and managing and implementing pricing & analytical projects for leading financial institutions around the globe.

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  • There is a lot of research about how the use of AI improves business processes and outcomes, but there is no playbook on how to combine the power of AI and its potential into business operations to deliver value immediately and propel business growth. Many financial services organizations struggle with connecting AI to their operations. Earnix’s end-to-end technology addresses this acute need and pain point. I am proud to be working for a company that uses analytics to find new ways to foster a profound trust-oriented relationship between a consumer and the banking and insurance industries.

    16 July 2021
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    16 July 2021
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