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Richard serves on Fennemore’s six-person management committee and is the managing partner of our Las Vegas office. He works in the business litigation practice group, where he focuses primarily in the areas of labor and employment law, administrative law, and general commercial litigation, including construction. With more than two decades of experience as a business litigator, he has guided a broad range of clients through traditional labor matters.

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  • We couldn’t be any more excited about our newest team members! Las Vegas is roaring back, and these two lawyers will help us serve our clients’ expanding needs.

    8 January 2022
  • You have to liken it to a slip and fall. If you own a restaurant and someone slips on your premises, are you liable for their injury? I think the analysis is the same that it would be for COVID-19, which would be what they call a negligence analysis.

    To uphold your duty, you have to take reasonable steps to keep people safe. If you do not take those steps and someone gets hurt, that is the breach of that duty. And then if you can prove that that breach caused injury for someone, that will then mean that that business is negligent and then, to the extent of the economic damage, the company would be liable for that.

    2 October 2020
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