Richard Geiger

President and CEO at Defunkify
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Richard is the President and Chief Executive Officer at Defunkify. In his career, he has led an amazing group of innovators over the years bringing cool stuff to market, from composite wheelchairs to medical diagnostic machines. At Defunkify, their team is creating high performance cleaning products that don’t rely on toxic ingredients to work better than anything else on the market. And he is fortunate to be a part of this great team of investors, green chemists, marketers, customer service experts, and all the other wonderful people that are working tirelessly to change the world.

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  • We are proud to have funded the recovery of over 41,000 pounds of plastic from nature, accounting for everything that directly touches the products we sell (every bottle, every cap, every spray nozzle, every bag, and even the tape) and we plan to take this one step further in 2022. We are laser-focused on transparency when it comes to our ingredients and the formulation of products. We list all our ingredients, plus their source and purpose right on the label, and we are no different when it comes to the transparency about our packaging.

    18 May 2022
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